Wherever we operate in the world, MTN adheres to a culture of sound ethical business conduct that generates economic value for the benefit of our communities and stakeholders. As the leading operator in many of our markets, we have a responsibility to harness our capabilities for the benefit of MTN and our stakeholders, while ensuring conscientious economic, environmental and social practices. This section highlights our key positions in various areas of sustainability.

Download the Sustainable economic value positions on various issues.

Connecting the unconnected

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We believe everyone deserves the benefits of a modern...

Digital inclusion

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Fostering digital inclusion supports future economic growth...

Enterprise development

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We acknowledge that small and medium enterprises...

Financial inclusion

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Over the past 10 years, mobile money has transformed the face...

Download the Sustainable societies positions on various issues.

Digital human rights

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More people worldwide have access to information, services...

Corporate social investment

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MTN strives to have a positive impact on society...

Workplace - diversity and inclusion

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Both global and MTN’s trends suggest a strong correlation...

Workplace - labour practices

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MTN ensures that its staff have freely chosen employment and...


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Fraudulent and corrupt activities are a threat to the sustainability...

Gifts, Hospitality and Entertainment

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MTN acknowledges the need to foster and maintain good...


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MTN is committed to a culture of zero-tolerance toward fraud...

Conflict of Interest

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Globally, the management of potential conflicts of interest...


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MTN is committed to high ethical, moral and legal standards that...

Supplier code of conduct

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MTN has a responsibility to ensure that our business practices are...

Data protection and privacy

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Data Protection and Privacy matters to us and we know it matters to you

Information Security

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MTN operates in more than 22 countries spread across two continents

Treating Customers Fairly

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How MTN and our partners treat our customers is an issue we take seriously

Responsible supply chain

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MTN strives to conduct its business in a way that supports the long-term sustainability of the societies...

Health and Safety

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The purpose of this framework is to ensure commitment of MTN and its group of companies...

Download the Eco-responsibility positions on various issues.

Energy and climate change

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One of the most significant ways business is shaping the world...

Environmental resources

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Environmental resources are common goods that must be...

Mobiles and health

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Electric fields are produced by voltage and magnetic fields...

Networks and the environment

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One of the largest areas of environmental impact by mobile...

Water management

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MTN applies precautionary principles to minimise water use...

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