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Our positions & certifications

Sustainable societies

We strive to always conduct business that supports the long-term sustainability of societies in which we operate. To meet these objectives, we have defined several positions that guide us in operating ethically, respectfully and in rights-driven ways that has the least negative impacts.

Sound Governance

As the leading operator in many of our markets, we have a responsibility to harness our capabilities for the benefit of MTN and our stakeholders, while ensuring conscientious economic, environmental and social practices. This section highlights our key positions in various areas of sustainability.


MTN adheres to a culture of sound ethical business conduct in creating shared value, supported by various policies internally. Our policy position statements provide various stakeholders with a summary of our stance on key sustainability issues.

Economic Value

We intend to create sustainable economic value through our core business to the benefit of our customers and society at large. To meet these objectives, we have clearly defined strategies, approaches and positions that guide us in creating value for all.


Our various reports detail how we are striving towards good governance to meet stakeholder commitments, leveraging our resources to offer solutions to the daily challenges faced by our customers and communities, supporting emerging enterprises, and investing in collaborative partnerships to contribute towards impactful developmental outcomes.