Economic growth is vital for Africa’s sustainability as it creates jobs, higher living standards and improved social services. A growing economy attracts investment, leading to further development. Reducing poverty is critical. With higher incomes, people can afford more sustainable products and services, as well as the education and training that helps develop their communities, businesses and economies.

By investing in infrastructure and networks, MTN is improving connectivity in rural and underserved areas. Previously excluded individuals can then participate in the digital economy, supporting economic activity. MTN also provides training and resources for entrepreneurs and invests in ICT-focused education.

We are investing in new technologies that can drive economic growth. Our 5G networks enable faster internet speeds, lower latency and more reliable connections. We also contribute to economies through taxes used to fund public services and infrastructure development. 

local economies
  • Contributing to economies through tax.
  • Investing in network and IT infrastructure to unlock growth.
  • Innovation to benefit local governments (e-gov).
local enterprises
  • Enterprise and supplier development.
  • Enabling local supply chains.
  • Developing IoT solutions and API marketplace for developers.

local ownership
  • Driving localisation.
  • Contributing towards job creation.

Digital solutions to bridge the digital divide


Our policy position statements

MTN adheres to a culture of sound ethical business conduct in creating shared value, supported by various policies internally. Our policy position statements provide various stakeholders with a summary of our stance on key sustainability issues.