Human rights |

We believe in respecting and promoting the rights of all people to communicate, to share information freely and responsibly, and to enjoy privacy and security regarding their data and their use of digital communications.

At MTN, our core belief is centred on creating value for all people in our footprint. This sets the tone for our commitment to respect and promote the rights of all people. We consider the rights of each stakeholder group and protection of these is articulated in relevant policies relating to our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. Our commitment to digital human rights is an integral part of our business strategy and sustainability framework and is articulated in the Digital Human Rights policy which is embedded in the highest levels of our governance structures.

We continuously seek solutions to reduce digital human rights risks and strive to create platforms that enable stakeholders to discuss their concerns with us. MTN’s Social and Ethics Committee oversees our approach and response to human rights violations.


Our policy position statements

MTN adheres to a culture of sound ethical business conduct in creating shared value, supported by various policies internally. Our policy position statements provide various stakeholders with a summary of our stance on key sustainability issues.