MTN & Ericsson: Building responsible supply chains

26 April 2024

With a commitment to achieve Net Zero GHG emissions within the value chain by 2040, and halve them by 2030, Ericsson is pioneering a sustainable future and leads the industry by example through its solutions. These targets are 1.5C aligned and validated by the Science-based Target initiative (SBTi). Signing the pledge supports MTN and Ericsson’s aims to achieve ambitious Net Zero goals and prioritises climate action for Africa’s socioeconomic future.

This collaboration can potentially address Scope 3 emissions, which are indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain outside their direct operations. Scope 3 emissions often comprise a substantial part of organisations’ footprints and are difficult to calculate and control as a result of limited operational influence and intricate supply chain involvement. Collaborations like Ericsson and MTN’s, where we potentially share upstream and downstream value chain suppliers, can improve opportunities to communicate with, engage and support supply chain partners, ultimately contributing to the goal of reducing emissions.

By leveraging Ericsson’s latest and most advanced sustainable technologies, MTN will be in a better position to realise its energy use and carbon management efforts in line with its commitment to reach Net Zero emissions by 2040. Implementing energy efficiency, network optimisation and sustainable practices throughout the value chain can help both companies contribute to a lower carbon footprint for the ICT sector.

Ericsson’s science-based approach to climate action will benefit the company, its stakeholders, and society. MTN is committed to protecting the planet and achieving Net Zero emissions by 2040. Our Net Zero goals are aligned, and together, we are working to contribute towards the sustainable development of society. To strengthen the collaboration, recently, Ericsson and MTN Group announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at advancing sustainability across Africa. Under the MoU, the companies will explore, among others, opportunities to develop and promote innovative ICT solutions for the decarbonisation of their value chain ecosystem, enabling sustainable practices and contributing towards achieving their Net Zero commitments.