Opening doors for SMEs through MTN’s Xlerator programme

26 April 2024

Nkululeko Nkosi, co-founder of Saturated, envisions a world where businesses seamlessly embrace innovation and transformation. Launched in January 2020, Saturated specialises in web and app development, software solutions and digital consultancy for cloud computing. The onset of COVID-19 highlighted the imperative for small businesses to pivot online, motivating Nkululeko to enter Saturated into

MTN’s Xlerator programme, a year-long initiative supporting business growth and development. Through Xlerator, Nkululeko developed a holistic approach to business enhancement and gained the resources needed to flourish. “The programme assisted us in improving the business elements that we were not aware and offered us insight into running a successful digital business. MTN provided resources to support us in every facet of our business, from legal, HR and accounting skills.”