Partnerships for the planet: MTN Uganda’s water conservation initiative

26 April 2024

Transforming challenges into environmental Opportunities

Uganda’s economic growth over the last two decades has led to increased population growth, stressing the existing water and sanitation services. Over 80% of the Ugandan population lacks access to clean, drinkable, or usable water.

In a country where water services and sanitation are stressed, the MTN Uganda team recognised the significance of tapping into a natural water resource at its disposal. The expansion of the MTN Uganda facilities, during COVID-19, resulted in a water management issue with an existing spring in the path of the building plan. MTN Uganda reframed this challenge. They redirected the excess spring water to the reserve water tank, utilised the resource for onsite irrigation of the property, and increased their ablution facilities, which were then supplied with water from the spring. This initiative saves approximately 20% of
water costs.

MTN Uganda also participated in the MTN water baseline assessment and, in line with recommendations, has commenced with water consumption monitoring across our buildings, data centres, and stores. Monitoring our water consumption is the foundation for responsible and sustainable water management. It will empower informed decision-making and promote our conservation efforts, benefiting the environment and cost containment. Water conservation is vital for ensuring a sustainable future.