Partnerships for the planet: bioSIM

26 April 2024

Recognizing the far-reaching environmental impact of plastics, MTN Rwanda is actively committed to reducing plastic use throughout our operations and product offerings. In 2023, we embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to replace traditional plastic SIM cards with a more sustainable and biodegradable alternative. This decision reflects our dedication to responsible innovation that aligns with global efforts to combat the plastic waste crisis.

We are meticulously investigating a range of materials to find the optimal solution for this sustainable SIM card transformation. Our commitment extends beyond simply changing the SIM card material. We are carefully considering impacts on customer devices and the planet. As part of this comprehensive due diligence, we will require FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification for all forest-based materials used in the manufacturing process. This internationally recognized certification ensures that our SIM card suppliers prioritize responsibly managed forests, protecting biodiversity and promoting long-term sustainability.

Importantly, the paper-based SIM holders will not interfere with handset operation in any way. We have thoroughly evaluated potential risks and ensured that the design will deliver seamless connectivity for our customers. We are thrilled to launch this innovative and environmentally conscious product in 2024, contributing to a greener future for the telecommunications industry.