Partnerships for the planet: Clean energy solutions MTN South Sudan

26 April 2024

We are proud to announce significant strides in our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, in alignment with MTN Group’s Environmental Strategy. In 2023, in partnership with I-Engineering, we launched the groundbreaking Energy Service Company (ESCO) project as PaaS, an initiative aimed at revolutionising our energy consumption patterns. This project will deliver 305 solar BTS sites across the region over the term of the agreement. MTN South Sudan has already achieved a remarkable 30% reduction in fuel costs, reflecting our dedication to environmental stewardship and operational efficiency. This initiative not only supports our green energy goals but also enhances the reliability and expansion of our network, particularly in and around the capital city, Juba.

Furthering our efforts, we successfully integrated two major data centres and other facilities into the National GRID. This transition is set to significantly decrease carbon emissions and contribute to our ongoing operational expenditure reduction drive. In addition to these achievements, we have also reinforced our network’s reliability in high revenue areas by procuring 11-20KVA diesel generators, ensuring stability and redundancy to GRID power. These initiatives underscore our commitment to a sustainable future at MTN South Sudan. They enhance community connections while fostering environmental responsibility. We are excited to continue this journey and lead the way in sustainable telecommunications in South Sudan.