Partnerships for the planet: Clean energy solutions MTN Rwanda

26 April 2024

MTN Rwanda recognizes the critical role of sustainability initiatives in mitigating climate change and ensuring a cleaner future. To reduce its carbon footprint, the company is actively implementing clean energy solutions across its operations.

One element of this approach is the greening of the MTN Rwanda network. This initiative not only reduces reliance on traditional energy sources but also leads to significant cost savings. As part of this commitment, MTN Rwanda aims to complete two additional solar projects at its data centers in 2024, a move that will further strengthen its environmental responsibility.

MTN Rwanda’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond solar power adoption. The company is also exploring innovative energy storage solutions. These solutions hold the potential to optimize energy efficiency throughout the network, ensuring reliable connectivity while minimizing environmental impact.

This unwavering commitment to sustainable practices positions MTN Rwanda as a leader in responsible business operations within the telecommunications industry. By prioritizing clean energy, MTN Rwanda demonstrates that it is possible to align business growth with environmental stewardship, ultimately benefiting both the planet and future generations.