Child Online protection

Protecting children online is a global challenge, which requires a global approach.

All our users deserves to benefit from the free and open nature of information and communication technologies. However, this comes with grave risks to the most vulnerable
in society. MTN believes that it is critical to educate children, parents, teachers and caregivers about how to responsibly use digital technology to ensure that children stay safe online. Our Group-wide Child Online Protection programme complements local operating company initiatives.

Freedom of expression

MTN’s presence enables people to realise a range of basic human rights, such as the rights to freedom of expression and association.

In striving to ensure we protect individual freedoms, such as the right to freedom of expression, we also must ensure that freedom does not infringe on other individuals’ rights. We also need to ensure the rights of the one do not infringe upon the rights of the many, and in particular, the vulnerable. Our principles and values as a company guide us in where to draw lines of principle in limiting individuals’ rights, as we seek to ensure our customers and children remain protected from the very real threats that exist.

While MTN acts in accordance with prevailing laws and licence conditions, we use our best endeavours and scope of influence to protect, respect and ensure the rights of all people to freely communicate and share information.

Data protection & privacy

MTN is committed to protecting its customers’ privacy, keeping information safe and ensuring the security of personal information.

While personal information is collected in order to provide effective products and services, we ensure that this information is processed lawfully, stored securely and not disclosed unlawfully to any third party.

Our Data Privacy and Protection Policy includes information on how MTN uses customer data, data subject rights and contacts for our customers to enforce their rights. To support our policy, we set up a Privacy Office and implemented a Group data privacy and protection programme in 2021. Our objective is to embed a corporate standard of best practice for privacy throughout the Group.

Information security

Information is a valuable asset and security of information is fundamental to MTN’s daily operations and success.

We therefore protect our information from a wide range of threats and continuously seek improvement in our information and cybersecurity systems. The scope of information security encompasses all MTN facilities, Group functions, information assets, employees, contractors and third parties.

Our Operations Security Policy establishes appropriate controls to prevent unauthorised access, misuse or failure of the information systems and equipment and to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Information security and business resilience teams ensure cybersecurity controls are implemented by all our operating companies. This includes cyber crisis management plans, which are updated annually. Internal audit, external audit and other assurance providers regularly assure the controls are in place.

A 2021 evaluation of MTN’s Secure Behaviour Index improved to 89% from 87.3% in 2020, maintaining a consistent trend of improvement since MTN began participating in 2017. The 2021 Secure Behaviour Index evaluation places MTN above its industry peers.

Treating Customers fairly

We embrace our ethical responsibilities towards our customers and are committed to treating our customers fairly – Customer centricity is at the core of our human rights approach, we embrace ethical conduct in dealing with our customers and ensure that their rights are respected

We embrace our ethical responsibilities towards our customers and are committed to ensuring the best customer experience. Our Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) policy entrenches our efforts to protect customers and ensure fairness for those interacting with our services across the Group. To facilitate transparency and customer control, we have developed a framework ensuring that our customers are treated fairly. The framework sets the mandatory requirements for implementation in key customer service processes in all MTN operations.