Artificial intelligence holds significant potential to reduce our carbon footprint

03 June 2020


MTN, in partnership with a vendor management AI tool, embarked on a site optimisation platform proof of concept in 2019. The platform aims to reduce costs, ensure resilience and reduce MTN’s carbon footprint.

The vendor management platform first identifies built-in problems on each site upon installation. On a day-to-day basis the platform uses AI to optimise power usage of each tower site by monitoring the real-time status of site components including grid availability, battery life, solar availability and generator fuel levels. The platform then uses IBM Watson™ AI to choose the lowest cost and lowest environmental impact power source based on site characteristics and historic performance.

The platform automatic selection of power sources has resulted in an initial 53% reduction in CO2 emissions through the proof of concept process. Not only did the  platform reduce negative environmental impacts, it also resulted in zero network downtime and continuously drives improvements across our infrastructure. We are very optimistic about these findings and the role AI stands to play at the heart of MTN’s infrastructure programme.