Committed to accelerating digital transformation, MTN Group meets African leaders

20 May 2024

Reinforcing MTN’s commitment to accelerating digital transformation across the African continent, MTN Group Chairman Mcebisi Jonas and President & Chief Executive Officer Ralph Mupita engaged with the leaders of a number of countries on the sidelines of the annual Africa CEO Forum in Kigali, Rwanda last week.

“Discussions with national leaders centred on those topics that support the national development goals of our host nations and of Africa as a whole,” Jonas said, adding that these included regulatory and policy harmonisation; investment in digital infrastructure; broadband access; and skills development.

MTN is urging governments to streamline regulations and policies to support the increased investment in digital infrastructure required to accelerate the continent’s economic development.

Africa’s largest digital operator is also working with partners to ensure that the continent has the quality broadband access required to enable a thriving digital economy. We also support the skilling and re-skilling of people across Africa to meet the demands of the digital age.

“These initiatives are crucial to foster an environment conducive to innovation, economic growth and sustainable development across Africa,” Mupita said, adding that they also align with MTN’s strategic intent of ‘leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress’.

Among those leaders with whom the MTN Group leadership duo met were Rwandan President HE Paul Kagame, Kenyan President HE William Ruto and Côte d’Ivoire’s Prime Minister HE Robert Beugré Mambé.

“Digitalisation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are changing Africa’s prospects,” Jonas said, adding that this was provided that the continent takes a number of steps, including strengthening governance, sustaining policy reforms, investing in infrastructure and skills, and navigating geopolitics.

“We should have a special focus on entrepreneurship and innovation in order to shift towards higher productivity growth,” he said. Partnerships and clear rules and transparency to protect them were also key.

MTN Group subsidiary MTN Côte d’Ivoire is the market leader in the West Africa country, with 16.2 million subscribers. MTN Rwanda also leads the market, with 7.4 million subscribers. Although MTN Group does not have a GSM operation in Kenya, MTN wholesale fibre business Bayobab operates in the East African country, where an MTN internet service provider business also operates. MTN Group has mobile operations in 17 countries in Africa and is working to extend digital inclusion in line with UN goals for universal broadband access.