Yello Doctor: Expanding healthcare access

26 April 2024

MTN Nigeria’s Foundation is delivering essential healthcare through the Y’ello Doctor Medical Intervention Scheme across six states. The Y’ello Doctor initiative provides free primary healthcare services to individuals in underserved communities in Lagos, Kano, Kwara, Gombe, Anambra, and Rivers State, through a mobile medical clinic platform. The initiative focuses on information dissemination through health talks, diagnosis and treatment of common communicable and non-communicable diseases such as malaria, pneumonia and sexually transmitted infections, screening for tuberculosis, blood pressure, diabetes and referral of patients to secondary healthcare facilities. This initiative was carried out in collaboration with participating States Ministry of Health and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency with emphasis on women and children.

Dr David Edwin, leading the Gombe team, expresses gratitude for the opportunity and highlights the project’s profound impact. “The Y’ello Doctor project left an indelible mark on the people of Gombe. It brought medical care to remote areas where doctors were scarce; a cause close to my heart having grown up in a village without medical services. This initiative delved deep into the lives of beneficiaries, offering services ranging from wellness checks to maternal kits and screenings. Through Y’ello Doctor, I honed my skills in community entry, team and stakeholder management, areas I hadn’t explored before. It was a departure from my work in government hospitals, yet immensely fulfilling, given the vast number of people we reached. Particularly gratifying was witnessing people receive medical care for the first time.”