Digital technology transforms lives

The digital revolution is transforming how people live, work and connect and these changes are exciting. MTN is embracing the potential of disruptive digital solutions as we can accelerate the realisation of many United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). MTN’s infrastructure, investments, and co-operative partnerships and relationships enable the delivery of digital solutions and programmes that enhance people’s living environments and socio-economic status.

Our sustainability vision

Our sustainability vision is to protect and create shared value for MTN and our stakeholders through responsible environmental and social practices. To realise our vision, our sustainability approach is categorised into three pillars that focus our efforts on the issues most important to our stakeholders.

Leading the way forward

Reports and downloads

Our various reports detail how we are striving towards good governance to meet stakeholder commitments, leveraging our resources to offer solutions to the daily challenges faced by our customers and communities, supporting emerging enterprises, and investing in collaborative partnerships to contribute towards impactful developmental outcomes.

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