Our strategy

MTN’s corporate social investment (CSI) approach is a critical piece of the “hearts and minds” component of our BRIGHT strategy. As one of the largest operators in many of our markets, we use our resources to make a difference to the communities in which we operate through both MTN Foundations and by encouraging our employees to volunteer their time, skills and services through our 21 Days of Y’ello Care programme.

Our social investments are made through MTN Foundations and CSI functions in the countries in which we operate. We focus on four specific areas of critical social needs in our markets namely education, health, enterprise development and national priority requirements. To date, we have primarily invested in supporting education in our markets, as we believe our expertise, reach and resources will enable us to make the greatest impact in this area. We are now beginning to shift our purpose towards enabling youth empowerment in our markets.

Our employees are also encouraged to make a visible and sustained contribution to the societies in which we operate. Our 21 Days of Y’ello Care volunteer programme offers an opportunity for our staff to actively contribute to community development and to be inspired by ‘giving back’ through high impact social projects, and to understand and appreciate the challenges faced. Priority is given to supporting rural or disadvantaged communities. The key outcome must be a direct change to the lives of beneficiaries. Our goal is to ensure that the volunteering experience is mutually-rewarding for our employees, the company and the communities with whom we engage.

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