Specialist: MNC Business Operations

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Specialist: MNC Business Operations
Roodepoort, ZA
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Group EBU
Group EBU
MTN Level:
Level 2

The MNC Business Operations Manager role will primarily assist the GM MNCs in the execution of the
MNC Strategy and the coordination of its implementation in the day to day ways of working. The role will also provide steering to the Consultant: Sales Support in hers/his activity of supporting the GAM structure in the execution of their duties to ensure optimal and maximum performance, as well as the Local Account
Managers in the Opcos.

The role will be highly hands-on in ensuring the MNC accounts achieve the
desired growth, by providing tactical and strategic support to the GAMs, LAMs and assisting in the
interactions between the MNC structure and all other inside the Group and OpCos organizations.
Other direct responsibilities of the role revolve around the direct support of the GM MNCs in daily and
ongoing activities, projects and programs, aimed at maximizing the impact of the Organization and the
revenues derived from the elevated MNCs. The person will work integrally with Intelligence & Operations
at Group and Sales Ops in the Opcos, Group Finance and other functions. In addition, the role will assist
in driving strategic initiatives, compiling pipeline, forecast and other summary reports.
Together with the Consultant: Sales Support, the main responsibilities are aligned to the main strategic
pillars of the MNC organization, are named below and described in detail in section 3:

  • Planning and Organisation
  • Performance Reporting
  • MNC Success enforcer
  • Customer Journey Success management
  • Pipeline and Forecast Management
  • Customer and Market Intelligence

MTN is entering a new phase in its lifecycle where operational and commercial excellence has become
critical for success. The urgency for change has become more heightened amidst increased competitive
intensity across all markets in which MTN operates. The GM must therefore ensure the successful delivery
in context of:

  • An expertise-based multicultural organisation ; dynamic and evolving field of Telecommunications
  • Revolutionary workforce practices which are bringing together global labour markets
  • Management of executive and local shareholder expectations across MTN and its OpCos
  • Achievement of top quartile operating efficiency and effectiveness through scale and common policies and processesDynamic legal and regulatory environment
  • Convergence in markets and exploration of non-traditional revenue streams requiring complex interpretation and structuring
  • Evolving industry sector constantly presenting new challenges and opportunities to the core businesses
  • Rapid horizontal and vertical expansion of MTN, in terms of size, products,customers and geographic distribution

The MNC segment is poised to grow aggressively and become a key revenue generating for MTN as a Group. It is therefore imperative for the success of Enterprise Business to ensure they operate in a structured manner following the MNC_LE Playbook and ensure the MNCs provide a seamless and enhanced customer
experience to our clients, with the best in class array of product and services. The MNC Business Operations
Manager is critical in the success delivery of this model and as such, will be accountable to achieve the following objectives:

Planning and Organising

  • Enable the GM: MNC to balance his/her responsibilities and maximize his/her effectiveness, by supporting the operations of the MNC Business
  • Assess the urgency and importance of situations/ scenarios and take the appropriate action to determine the necessary level of GM:MNC involvement
  • Ensuring appropriate communication between the GM:MNC and internal and external stakeholders
  • Prepares and drafts critical correspondence, presentations, reports and spreadsheets with attention to detail
  • Assist and support on a need basis in the provision of input and review materials, presentations and communicationsPerformance Reporting
  • Together with the Consultant: Sales Support drives the Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly reporting on activities of GAMs to various business stakeholders (including but not limited to theGAMs, GM MNC, GM GEBU, Opco LE forums, etc…)
  • Steers and advices the Consultant: Sales Support on the quality and coordination of the sales reporting activities and cadence to business standards across the GAM Structure
  • Collates and presents (when required) focused dashboards, related to sales practices and to revenue and cost recognition across Opcos
  • Acts as the gatekeeper for enforcing accuracy in reporting regarding data integrity and quality, provides insights to business on data anomalies

MNC Success enforcer

  • Enable the GM MNC to balance his responsibilities and maximize his effectiveness
  • Supports the GM MNC in holding the MNC and connected teams members accountable to
    timelines and commitments
  • Establishes the GM MNC office as a Centre of Excellence for driving MNCs performance, operating
    at the forefront of strategic leadership and decision making
  • Assess the urgency and importance of situations/ scenarios and take the appropriate action to
    determine the necessary level of GM MNC involvement
  • Request information and actions on behalf of the GM MNC and ensure that these requests are
    fulfilled efficiently and effectivelySupports the preparation and drafting of critical correspondence, presentations, reports and
    spreadsheets with attention to detail
  • Assist and support on a need basis in the provision of input and review materials, presentations
    and communications
  • Provides support, strategic guidance and analytical support for the rest of the MNC organization,including but not limited to the GAM community
  • Alongside the Consultant: Sales Support, ensures the quality in the delivery of External Marketing engagements aimed at Customers and any other external stakeholders
  • Responsible and accountable for regular tracking and status updates on the implementation of MNC strategic initiatives within the MNC team
  • Conducts regular in country visits to the EBUs and provides assistance where needed / after current restrictions
  • Ensure the sales team is aware of and trained on the MTN product portfolio, sales promotions and sales communications
  • Custodian of MNC CSAT Program – driving CSAT/NPS improvement program for all MNC accounts alongside GAMs. Providing feedback and engaging rest of organisation to ensureCustomer Journey Success management
  • Steers the Consultant: Sales Support in the periodical checks of the Account mappings, identifies bottlenecks and addresses the issues with his Manager and follows-up with the respective organization (GTES, Billing, Legal, Finance, etc)
  • Alongside the Consultant: Sales Support, assists the GAM Structure in the Bid Processes (documentation, structure, coherence and exhaustiveness)
  • Acts as a liaison between all the involved structures that drive performance across the MNCs space, cross-OpCos and intra-group (including but not limited Finance, Segment Intelligence and
    Operations, HR, Bid Office, Billing)
  • Coordinates the interactions between GAMs and the respective LAMs in the OpCos and ensures transparency in the information flow both from Global to OpCos and the other way aroundPipeline and Forecast Management
  • Supervises the CRM as well as the user support for MNC CRM, and in addition manages demands for improvements to CRM – owner of Business requirements for the MNC structure
  • Drives Forecasting exercises across markets and accounts by Using “big data,” complex data sets requiring sophisticated analysis, for advanced interpretation and predictive analytics to drive strategy and specific actions, in line with MNC needs

Job Requirements


  • Minimum 3-year degree in Business, Management or related degree


  • At least 2-5 years relevant sales operations management or project management experience , with experience in Africa operations.
  • Experience in developing and deploying project best practices, policies, procedures, and processes
  • Knowledge of sales best practices including pipeline management sales
  • Experience in financial and executive reporting
  • Proven track record of execution and managing competing tasks and demands
  • Experience in the telecommunication industry, advantageous
  • Experience with supporting big and multinational accounts advantageousCompetencies:
  • Strong work ethic, Finisher-Completer, Self-Starter
  • Business Acumen, Problem Solving, Information processing, Influencing others
  • Data interpretation, Judgement, Continuous improvement, Reporting
    Get it done,
  • Communication, Innovative, Agile, Accountable
  • Regional and international travel