Manager: Operational Risk

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Manager: Operational Risk
216 14th Avenue Fairlands
Organisation Name:
Group Risk & Compliance
MTN Level:
Level 3
 Accountable for working under the guidance of the Senior Manager: Risk Management (ERM) to implement and monitor the established Enterprise Risk Management programme and methodology for their area, within established Enterprise Risk Management standards, frameworks and solutions, in accordance with both internal and industry benchmarks.

The ERM team works in a matrix approach, as, such, work may be under the direct guidance/supervision from the leadership team within ERM.

The primary purpose of the job is to conduct detailed risks assessments and/or risk deep dives, analyses, and monitoring of remediation across all possible internal and external risks.

The role will also be accountable for reporting to the business on risk management processes, in line with Enterprise Risk strategy and best practices, offering specialised advice and recommendations, where necessary.

Ultimately, the role is responsible end-to-end to assist in identifying risks faced by MTN (current and anticipated), prioritising risks depending on its material impact and working with Senior Management and other leaders within the business to mitigate these as effectively as possible.

MTN is entering a new phase in its lifecycle where operational and commercial excellence has become critical for success. The urgency for change has become more heightened amidst increased competitive intensity across all markets in which MTN operates.  The Risk Management – Technology Risks & MENA Support sub-function must therefore ensure successful delivery in the context of:

  • Diversifying telco-to-techno landscape
  • Evolving industry ecosystems
  • Sophisticated Fraud syndicates
  • Omnipresent cybersecurity threats and attacks
  • Volatile and unstable currency and market movements across OpCos
  • Myriad Tax Legislations, both within Tier 1, as well as Tier 2 and 3 countries
  • Possible revenue leakages from the system
  • New imperatives concerning data privacy and security and building strong digital trust partnerships
  • Rapid adoption of new routes to innovation and technologies that can destabilise business
  • Volatile geographical environments across OpCos prone to emergencies that threaten the ordinary course of business (Natural Disasters, Socio-Political upheaval, Terrorist Attacks, Health Threats)
  • Constant dynamic risk challenges across SEAGHA, MENA and WECA that are unique to each region
  • Mitigating risks, averting disaster and safeguarding security through business intelligence to maximize business impact
  • Management of demanding customer and supplier expectations
  • Enhancing MTN reputational position as a leading secure, reliable and safe network and system provider at OpCo level

The Manager: Risk role will be accountable to achieve the following objectives:

  • Work, in conjunction with internal business stakeholders and the broader ERM team in the execution of Enterprise Risk assessment and reporting plans, in alignment with the overarching Enterprise Risk roadmap
  • Assist various areas (i.e. Financial, Operational, Strategic and Compliance, Technology, Products and Projects) to identify internal and external risks, develop possible mitigations and coordinate and monitor the implementation thereof
  • Approach risk assessments for identified risks in a methodical way to ensure that all value-adding activities within the organisation are evaluated effectively and effectively define all the risks following from these activities
  • Assess risks, following structured standard procedures, but drawing upon practical models and techniques
  • Analyse risks from a Financial, Operational, Strategic and Compliance, Technological and external perspective to support strategic decision making, as it relates to risk prevention and mitigation
  • Implement and monitor the respective Risk Management programme for MTN within the second line of defence model, to align with the Group’s overarching Risk Management Framework
  • Implement and monitor the Risk Management programme methodology and principles and make recommendations for improvement, where necessary
  • Assist in formulating internal policies and procedures for the identification, collection and analysis of risk related information
  • Monitor the extent of adherence to internal policies and external regulations within the defined Risk Management Framework and develop reports and recommendations commenting on adherence status
  • Support Management by making sure that the appropriate risk controls are developed and deployed across the business
  • Facilitate the ongoing review of internal controls and assist in administering processes that track, evaluate, recommend and report on risk mitigation activities
  • Provide input on risk standards and practices derived from analytics on internal data and make recommendations, as appropriate
  • Assist on testing Risk Programmes and related systems, processes and procedures to ensure their ongoing effectiveness and provide recommendations, where necessary
  • Conduct all work according to implemented risk policies
  • Provide Risk Management analytics data across all possible internal and external risks
  • Perform Business Impact Trend Analyses on both internal and external risks that need to be addressed to sustain business operations stability
  • Identify possible implications arising out of the Trend Analyses and propose recommendations on corrective actions to be pursued
  • Distil the results of the Business Impact Analysis into concise reports for the Senior Managers’ attention
  • Write recovery procedures and/or workflows, in accordance with area-specific Enterprise Risk Management requirements
  • Make any updates and/or changes to area-specific Enterprise Risk documentation, on instruction from the Senior Manager, as and when required
  • Monitor implementation of action plans to ensure risk mitigation efforts are proceeding, as required
  • Drive best practice, continuous improvement and innovation of the Risk Management programme at the process and procedural level
  • Prepare and deliver high level internal and external risk reports to Management by defining risks that require immediate attention, to assist in enhancing the effective and efficient operation of the MTN Group
  • Provide inputs to the Senior Manager, as required, relating to progress made within risk assessment and reporting, in accordance with the measurement metrics set by MTN
  • Utilise insights gathered in the reports to make suggestion for continuous improvement to the Risk Management Framework and seek guidance from both Senior Managers and broader Management on more complex issues

Key Deliverables

  • Quality of Risk Data Analytics
  • Reporting on Enterprise Risk Assessments and Analyses
  • Monitor and report on Management remediation plans
  • Quantification of Values at Risk
  • Extent of effectiveness of risk controls implemented
  • Coverage footprint across Departments/Functions/Locations

Role Dependencies

  • Active support from the Senior Manager: Risk Management (various areas)
  • Understanding of the respective OpCo technology and business contexts and the risks associated with these
  • Intra sub-functional collaborations with other Risk areas (Financial, Operational, Strategic and Compliance, Technological, Products and Projects)

Alignment of OpCo with OpCo risk management initiatives

Job Requirements


  • Minimum 3-year Bachelors’ Degree in Risk Management/Financial Risk Management/Business Administration/Finance
  • Professional qualification in Enterprise Risk Management is advantageous
  • English and French (as an advantage)


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in Enterprise Risk Management, preferably in the Telecommunications industry
  • Experience in working within a medium organisation
  • Experience in supervising others is advantageous
  • Experience in working across diverse cultures and geographies is advantageous
  • Understanding of emerging markets is advantageous


  • Analytical Thinker, Problem Solver, Operational Value Creator
  • Culture and Change Champion, Supportive People Manager, Relationship Manager
  • Results Achiever, Operationally Astute


  • Strong Risk Assessment and Analysis skills – preferably in the context of Technology
  • Quality Focus
  • Performance Improvement
  • Project Management

Customer Focused