General Manager: Distribution

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General Manager: Distribution
Manco (Virtual Commute)
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Manco (Virtual Commute)
Sales & Distribution
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Level 4
The General Manager – Distribution (GM) is responsible for defining and overseeing the overall FinTech & Digital distribution strategy for growing FinTech & Digital penetration within MTN Group, as well as implementing the different Fintech & Digital projects in the operations. The General Manager will support and work jointly with the various FinTech, Sales & Distribution and Digital heads across Group to implement FinTech & Digital strategy in the MTN operating companies.

Main Responsibilities includes:

–  Fintech & Digital Distribution setup and support

–   Fintech & Digital Distribution transformation

–   Fintech & Digital Customer acquisition and support

–  Agent Float management

–   Fintech & Digital Partner value proposition management

–   Fintech & Digital Acquisition team management and support


Other responsibilities of the General Manager will be as below:

– Supporting the OPCOs in implementing MTN Group FinTech & Digital overall strategies


Engaging OPCOs and other internal Group internal key stakeholders to define MTN Group overall FinTech & Digital distribution strategy

Key Deliverables

The General Manager: Distribution will be accountable to achieve the following objectives:

Strategy Development and Implementation

  • The overall overseeing of MTN Group Fintech & Digital Distribution
  • Engage with OPCs and support departments to develop, formulate Fintech & Digital distribution in line with the overarching business goals and informed by the strategies designed at a Company level
  • Ensure effective implementation of the Fintech & Digital distribution strategies by means of providing direction, support, technical and commercial frameworks, models, roadmaps, partners and products to the OPCOs
  • Ensure Set up and drive of FinTech & Digital KPIs to guide OPCOs performance with regards Fintech & Digital Sales and distribution.
  • Identify and develop Fintech & Digital distribution roadmap, ensure the commercial and technology framework is delivered to facilitate implementation
  • Ensure review and constant improvement of MTN’s value proposition to its Fintech Agents Network and Field Digital Channels.
  • Lead Team to develop and implement services and tools to support MTN Fintech & Digital distribution partners
  • Ensure development and delivery of relevant tools to monitor Fintech Agent Network and Field Digital Channels performance at Group level.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with the all FinTech & Digital operations and other internal and external key stakeholders
  • Support the broader Fintech & Digital teams both at Group and operational level


Tactical and Strategic Meetings

  • Ensure adequate engagement of supporting departments
  • Hold strategic and tactical meetings, ensure relevant participation and provide guidance and support in the various discussions
  • Set up and manage tactical meetings on a need basis
  • Periodically participate in operational review meetings and evaluate areas of improvement


  • Manage and resolve issues that will result in severe time, scope, productivity and cost or resource impact
  • Ensure resolution of issues escalated


  • Support OPCOs by providing guidance, strategic inputs and support framework
  • Ensure key risks are identified, issues and dependencies and set mitigation actions
  • Sign-off / make decisions regarding tactical changes

Operational Delivery


  • Define the distribution strategy at Group Level & OPCO level
  • develop distribution packages for the OPCOs

Customer experience

  • Ensure consistent experience across OPCOs on P&S
  • Ensure consistent experience across OPCOs in face to face customer interaction
  • Ensure consistent communication & perception around Fintech & Digital services across OPCOs
  • Roll out digital experience of Fintech & Digital Services

Best Practice Sharing

  • Ensure that any best practice in any Opco is documented and shared with all other Opcos

Function Tactical

  • Provide input into the review of all projects initiated
  • Review key risks, issues, and dependencies and set mitigation actions
  • Manage budget


  • Monitor OPCOs’ oversight performance and ensure alignment with MTN global strategy and per industry best practices
  • Evaluate and anticipate threats and exploit opportunities for MTN long-term sustainability
  • Build new sources of business through methodical and systematic business development practices


  • Report on an adhoc basis on specific management requirements as and when necessary
  • Produce daily, weekly, monthly, annually and ad-hoc reports and dashboards key projects tasks
  • Report to operations on key projects being initiated from the operations team


  • Oversee budgets in line with the set DOAs, business objectives and facilitate forecasting

Operational Delivery


  • Identification of ongoing process improvement/ Reengineering in line with a “Lean” Methodology to ensure continuous performance improvement across FinTech operations
  • Work with FinTech & Digital operations to identify and establish automation initiatives across the FinTech &Digital ecosystem
  • Tracking of automation benefits to the FinTech & Digital operations
  • Be up-to-date with all new FinTech & Digital related technologies to assist with operations optimisation
  • Drive Group standardisation of FinTech & Digital operational processes
  • Design and facilitate group training on operational efficiencies based on FinTech & Digital industry evolution
  • Actively collaborate with industry bodies and regulators to the benefit of all Parties
  • Ability to draft URS for OPCOs consideration and selling the required solutions to the operations for implementation
  • Identification of High volume/Low value activities and develop solutions to empower customers
  • Investigation of technology solutions to assist with growing FinTech RGS & Digital Apps patronage.
  • Work with Group Technology team on Group initiatives to ensure FinTech & Digital business security is embedded across MTN operations
  • Collaborate with other Group and Opco teams outside Fintech & Digital Division

Ways of Working

  • Leading by Connecting: Connect people; stimulate collaboration and growth in teams across functions, operations and different cultures. Share experience and knowledge that leads to a learning organization, creating sustainable expertise which drives the development of people and innovative products,
  • Leading by Delivery: Anticipate situations and take initiative to overcome them. The result is a swift and on time delivery of qualitative and quantitative results.
  • Leading by Vision: From analyzing the situation inside and outside the company and seeing opportunities until communicating the vision of the company including new ideas for sustainable business strategies, products, services and ways of working. The end-result is an inspiring vision on how to succeed in our markets with our consumers in the center.
  • Leading by Change: From embracing change until leading and facilitating the implementation of change and handling of resistance for senior people. The end result is an on-time implementation of change projects and actions while maintaining a high level of motivation and commitment.
  • Leading by Owning: Take responsibility for own results as well as for company results and values. Stimulate this attitude in others, make co-workers accountable. The end result is pro-activity, creativity and motivation: capable people who take ownership.


Operational, Tactical and Strategic Meetings

  • Support the Fintech & Digital engagement with Opcos and VPs office
  • ensure adequate engagement of supporting departments
  • perform evaluation of service level agreements and key performance indicators
  • prepare proposals on change initiatives
  • hold strategic and tactical meetings, ensure relevant participation and provide guidance and support in the various discussions
  • set up and manage tactical meetings on a need basis
  • periodically participate in operational review meetings
  • evaluate areas of improvement


  • manage and resolve issues that will result in severe time, scope, productivity, and cost or resource impact


  • oversee projects and initiatives related to Fintech & Digital product and services
  • support OPCOs by providing guidance, strategic inputs and support framework
  • ensure key risks are identified, issues and dependencies and set mitigation actions
  • sign-off / make decisions regarding tactical changes



  • monitor MTN performances in FinTech & Digital drive and ensure alignment with MTN global strategy and per industry best practices
  • Review performance against agreed key performance indicators
  • Ensure alignment between MTN Group Fintech & Digital, other key group functions and OPCOs
  • Create and monitor plans at both group level and for continuous improvement


  • Report monthly to the Executive – Fintech & Digital Commercial Operations relating to progress made in accordance with the delivery of FinTech & Digital Distribution roadmap from both project, implementation and performances perspectives
  • Report on adhoc basis on specific management requirements as and when necessary

Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Set overall direction for the unit
  • provide guidance and leadership ensuring future focus and current efficiency
  • coach and mentor direct reports to ensure staff motivation is high
  • ensure adequate succession planning and that succession plans that are in place are achieved
  • ensure the effective management of diversity among personnel in the unit
  • identify staff training and development needs and implement necessary actions
  • manage team (including recruitment, on boarding, attrition)
  • set goals and objectives for direct reports, monitor progress, and maintain motivation


Job Requirements


  • Minimum 4 years tertiary degree & MBA (tertiary Post Graduate degree advantageous)


  • Minimum of 10 years post qualification experience in telecommunications plus 4 years FinTech experience.
  • At least 2 years’ experience at a Senior position, preferably within FinTech
  • Working knowledge of Operations relating to FinTech & Digital, preferably across MTN’s footprint


Functional Knowledge:

  • Proven track record of technical and specialised know-how in the FinTech distribution management space
  • Abreast of global and regional mindset & best practices relating to FinTech operations management
  • Attitude of Innovation & thought leadership to the organisation and other stakeholders
  • Emerging markets/ multi-cultural experience
  • Ability to learn fast and master the trends in a relatively new FinTech & Digital industry
  • Willing and flexible to travel extensively throughout the MTN footmark to provide support and training. Be required to travel to all allocated operations and required to spend extended time in those jurisdictions
  • Be able to work under pressure in a fluid demanding and complex FinTech operations management environment
  • Able to manage multiple assignments and agile to adapt to new challenges
  • Strong written and communication skills
  • Confident and assertive with a positive attitude


  • Analytical
  • Conflict management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Data interpretation
  • Decision making
  • Delivery focused
  • Leadership
  • Negotiations
  • Relationship/People management
  • Presentation

Behavioural Qualities

  • Adaptable
  • Complete candour
  • Culturally aware
  • Emotional Maturity (High EQ)
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Team Player