Local supplier empowerment

MTN Group of companies are encouraged to voluntarily co-operate with respective Department of Trade and Industry to participate in anti-dumping in price structures and practices to stifle the local industry, including custom duties as promulgated from time to time. Each MTN Group company is encouraged to develop and maintain a local content and empowerment programme within the legal and compliance requirements of their respective operating environment.

MTN seeks to support, develop and sustain viable, competitive local content and empowerment. Local content refers to legislated requirements that guide the supply of goods and services to MTN. Local content and empowerment will be encouraged to be competitive in terms of total cost of ownership, benchmarking initiatives, turnaround of service delivery, the promotion of local value add and local economic empowerment such as BBBEE in South Africa.

Supplier management

At MTN, our suppliers are an integral part of our operations, and we work together to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world.

Our supplier performance management team helps to develop supplier relationships, and ensures that MTN achieve continual improvement through innovation and increased efficiency, as well as driving savings throughout the value chain.

MTN works closely with new and existing suppliers to ensure sustainable and value adding relationships are formed. We work with a set of processes and guidelines to ensure alignment with our entire supplier base. These include the following:

Supplier registration and qualification

All our suppliers are required to register their interest with MTN and complete our comprehensive supplier qualification assessment prior to working with MTN.

Supplier performance management

Our suppliers are assessed on a regular basis from both a group and local perspective. MTN supply chain and procurement teams will work with suppliers to ensure continuous improvement.

We utilise the MTN e-sourcing platform to maintain transparency and independence. Potential suppliers are invited to register their organisation on the MTN e-sourcing platform.


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