Vision and strategy

Our visi​on is to lead the delivery of a bold, new ​digital world to our customers and our mission​​ is to make our customer’s lives a whole lot brighter​


The role that telecommunications plays in people's lives has changed rapidly in the last decade. Not so long ago, traditional voice services defined the telecommunications industry. Now they are just one of a growing range of services that impact many areas of our lives. The need for a broader digital offering has led MTN to refresh its vision and mission and refine its strategic objectives. This is to ensure that we maintain our leadership position in communications in emerging markets and sustain a business model that maximizes value for all our stakeholders​.

Creating and managing stakeholder value

Creating sustainable value for our shareholders, employees and communities in accordance with the MTN values

Creating a distinct customer experience

Delivering a unique customer experience that’s based on knowing and segmenting our customers

Driving sustainable growth

Driving growth in voice while developing new opportunities in data, enterprise and digital services and content

Transforming our operating model

Allowing for operations to be more customer-focused through responsive, supportive and efficient back-office functions

Embracing innovation and best practice

Operating under the principle of innovation in everything we do, and looking for opportunities to share and apply best practice

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