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Since 1994, MTN has grown to be one of the most recognised brands in Africa and the Middle East.


Our legacy and story – still in the making – is shaped by thousands of incredible MTNers, every day. We transform the brand from a set of colours, shapes and sounds, into something much more meaningful.


MTN’s personality is a product of the energy and ingenuity of every MTNer. When a team member greets a customer or colleague with: “Y’ello”, they are not just saying: “Hi”, they are showing their passion for the vibrant culture and history of the brand.


After a tough day, it’s easy to forget that every little action we take, fuels the meaning behind the brand and ultimately, the delivery of its mission and vision. At the end of each year, we are not measured by our intentions, but by what we have achieved. It is the things that we have DONE that make us who we are as a brand.



What’s changed in the last year?


MTN’s Ambition 2025 strategy led a significant evolution in the way we define ourselves as a company. We are at an inflection point. Now, more than ever, true progress will be realised by closing the gap between CAN and DO.


So, let’s get Doing.


The mic won’t drop itself. Forget waiting for your time to shine. Doing makes moments that drop jaws, raise eyebrows, and blow people away. Doing does it live, to feel more alive. The only question you need to ask is…

Let's get doing

For the last little while, it may have felt like we were getting stuck before we even got started. Now, we’re asking MTNers to make their own opportunity with a single question. We love it because it’s a challenge that everyone can step up to, and that means something different to every single person. For some, it’s the motivation to take that first step in a very long journey. For others, it’s finding ways to push yourself in ways you’d never imagined before. And for some it could be the inspiration to turn just living into truly being alive.

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