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Our employees

MTN’s 24,252 (26,055 in 2010) employees across 21 operations are integral to our business evolution and our
long-term sustainability.

OUR WORKFORCE     2010     2011
  MANCO (Group) 285 279
  WECA 9 761 9 699
  SEA 9 313 7 708
  MENA 6 696 6 566

In this report, our definition of employees refers to permanent staff and expatriates, contractors and consultants are excluded. We have therefore amended the 2010 reported employee numbers to reflect this alignment in 2011. Employees’ turnover decreased to 7,1% (9,6% in 2010).

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Celebrating diversity

  • We celebrate the fact that more than 55 nationalities make up our diverse human resource base, and wish we knew how many additional languages are spoken by our employees, complementing our five official business languages. We are proud of the fact that even in culturally sensitive environments, expatriate staff from other emerging and developed economies work side by side with local colleagues, and we ensure that everyone has equal access to knowledge and skills development opportunities. Our employment equity and diversity policies disallow prejudice on the basis of gender, ethnic origin, marital status, religion, age and physical handicap.

Investing in our talent

  • In the dynamic and rapidly evolving converged ICT sector in which we operate, we maintain our focus on the importance of investing in our talent. Our leadership talent management strategy ensures that a strong pipeline of leadership at all levels is developed for today and for the future. Talent reviews take place at the executive level in the form of the Strategic Talent Investment Board (STIB), chaired by the Group CEO. Various leadership development programmes, targeted at different levels of current and high potential future leaders, are offered to assist people to become more effective at leading the business towards high performance. These include the Global Advancement Programme (GAP), Leaders Excellence at Dealing with People (LEAP), Future Leadership Investment Growing High Potential Talent (FLIGHT) and reach Supervisory Development Programme (SDP). All MTN operations have dedicated learning and development resources and infrastructure to assist with investing in talent activities for staff.

    We operate three regional learning centres (in South Africa, Dubai and Ghana) to offer learning and development services to all 21 of our operating units in Africa and the Middle East, through the MTN Academy. We allocated 4% of our overall payroll to investing in employee talent, learning and development. In 2011, we invested R265 235 million (up 6% from 2010). However, due to smaller operating margins and geopolitical events in a number of countries in which we operate, our ability to invest in training and development was affected. To determine our actual training investment compared to supporting costs such as programme costs, training stationery and other material requires us to address how we define and capture our training costs, and we are working on a project in this respect.

MTN Y’ello Stars

  • The MTN Y’ello Stars programme is part of MTN’s broader recognition framework aimed at motivating and engaging employees. Due to the nature of our footprint and the inclusivity of the programme, the nomination process for 2011 is in progress; the winners will be announced during the 2013 reporting period.

    As part of MTN Nigeria’s (Thank You Nigeria) campaign to mark its 10th anniversary, MTNers who were pioneers of MTN Nigeria were rewarded in a truly special way: 10 pioneer employees were chosen via a raffle draw to become instant millionaires (1 million naira equivalent to R49 747,23 (US$6165,23)).

MTN Afghanistan’s consultative process to creating a multicultural operation has resulted in a workplace comprising colleagues from various local regions and backgrounds, working side by side with Canadian, Nigerian, Lebanese, Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, British and Bolivian colleagues.

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Sustainability is about protecting and creating economic value for MTN and our stakeholders through responsible environmental and social core business practices.