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Helping close the digital divide

We offer an array of solutions that are effectively using telecommunication and information data services to help our communities enjoy the socio-economic benefits of the global digital innovation revolution.
Some MTN products helping close the digital divide (not equally available in all MTN countries of operation include m-Agriculture, m-insurance, Google for SMEs( farmers, health and trading), village phone, MTN – UN world food programme (transfers), MTN Zone, fishermen weather information services, Refugees United, low-cost affordable handsets for low-income markets, solar charging solutions for handsets.

In this report, we focus on the role of MTN Mobile Money in particular, as this one of the cornerstones of our strategy to drive sustainable growth through targeted revenue streams. Financial inclusion across our markets remains a global concern (with 48% of the world’s adult population with no access to financial services (GSMA 2013)). We are dedicated to working with partners, regulators and governments to ensure that the right services are launched to empower the citizens. MTN Mobile Money is now available in 14 countries, and is a key component of our revenue-generation strategy. The demand and relevance of mobile money across the African continent can be seen in the steady growth of customers, up from 6 million in 2011 to 9, 4 million in 2012. There has been a 50% increase in completed customer transactions as at December 2012, and our agent distribution network has grown to over 25, 000.

In Uganda, we partnered with Western Union (WU) to launch the mobile money transfer service to enable MTN customers to send and receive money seamlessly over their mobile phones. International Remittance transactions are steadily on the increase. MTN Zambia partnered with ABC Bank to extend its distribution footprint to allow for cash deposits and withdrawals, ensuring the mobile money ecosystem benefits the larger community. MTN South Africa launched the first “mobile only” bank in the country, in partnership with the South African Bank of Athens, Pick 'n Pay and Boxer Stores, allowing customers to make payments from their mobile phones, transfer funds to other users, buy prepaid electricity vouchers, purchase airtime, pay for groceries and even withdraw cash at stores. This service available to non-MTN customers as well, thereby supporting efforts to ensure financial inclusivity. In Nigeria, where the regulation stipulates that the service can only be bank-led, with mobile network operator support, we offer our banking partners the widest mobile money agent distribution ​nationally. Notwithstanding the prevalent competitive environment, with more than a dozen MTN Mobile Money offerings in Nigeria, we have managed to steadily grow our subscriber base.

MTN remains committed to being the leading mobile financial services provider in the continent, and will continue its efforts to expand this service to other Opcos, and remain dedicated to continue working with the governments and regulators in all applicable countries to ensure that the right services are launched to empower citizens.


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