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Network management

Our Base Station Toolkit specifies approved and trial technologies to reduce total site costs, including building materials and equipment, services and energy requirements, and reduction of carbon emissions. Our Group's Environmental Management Policy is supported by Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in a number of operations.

MTN South Africa's EMS is based on ISO14001 and to date has successfully been assured each year. Network infrastructural impacts addressed by our EMS include essential environmental processes and procedures to manage site construction and infrastructure implementation, waste minimisation, prevention of pollution, and management of land, unique flora, forests, water and wildlife. Due to the complexity of site build projects, we require our project managers to ensure contractors (especially new contractors) are trained on project specifics relating to environmental requirements during site preconstruction and construction phases. Our submarine and terrestrial optic-fibre broadband implementations are subject to independent environmental and local community impact assessments. In the case of broadband cabling, all infrastructure development is signed off by local government and regulatory stakeholders, and our operating licences are subject to environmental impact assessment requirements.

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